Social Media Measurement Links and Resources

ROI of Blogging
Charlene Li, ROI of Blogging, January, 2007
Jeremiah Owyang, ROI of Blogging, Intangible
Avinash Kaushik, Tips for Measuring the Success of Your Blog
Avinash Kaushik, Six Recommendations for Measuring the Success of Your Blog
Connie Bensen, Measurement of My Blogging (Technorati Rank)
Rob Cottingham, The ROI of Blogging

Social Media ROI

David Meerman Scott answers the ultimate question

Laurel Papworth, Social Media Revenue
Jeremiah Owyang, From the Drawing Room to the Board Room
Jeremiah Owyang Social Media Measurement category
Jeremiah Owyang Factiva Social Media Roundtable Answers What We Should Measure
Aaron Uhrmacher, Mashable, How Businesses Measure ROI of Social Media (and some more at his personal blog)
DJ Francis, I'm So F*CKING sick of the Web 2.0 ROI Debate
Robin Broitman, Social Media Measurement and ROI Super List

Social Media Measurement
Social Media Performance Measures, Digital Podcast
TechCrunch Bump by Redeye VC
Social Media Metrics - a list - by Social Organization
Measurement Blog - KD Paine

Measuring Engagement by Dina Mehta
Measurement Camp

KM/Informal Learning/Business Perspective
Jay Cross, ROI of Informal Learning
Dennis Howlett, ROI is so Business 1.0 Not
Altul Rai, Measurement of Business Processes
Elsua, Making the Business Case for ROI
Stephen Downes, Can't Count Friends or Count on Them
Greg Verdino, Key Takeaway from Forrester

Social Media Measurement Meme
Geoff Livingston
Kami Hulse
Gaurav Mishra
Conversation Agent
Roundup of Posts

Social Media Measurement Debates
Stephen Downes, Measuring Blog Outcome Is Meaningless

Measurement and Mapping
Chris Brogan, Measuring and Mapping

Nonprofit Examples/Thinking
Wendy Harmon on ROI (Diagram)
Joitske H., ROI for Development Orgs
Froggy Loop Social media ROI Calculator
Beth's Blog, Measuring Your Blog's Outcomes
K Street Blog, Measuring the Effects of Social Media

New Metrics
Comparison of Old/New Web Metrics
Facebook Metrics - ROI of Friendship - Dave McClure's ARRGH Model
Relationship Measurement was defined by Jim and Laurie Grunig and Linda Hon in this paper..
Forrester has a new "engagement index" as does Eric Peterson
Scoble, White Board with StarFish
Conversation - Qualitative Measures - Getting of the SoapBox
Stow Boyd, Conversation Index
John Federico - his presentation on downloadable metrics from Podcamp
Peter Kim, Our Influencers, Ourselves
The New Metrics of Scholarly Authority

Measurement Flaws
Dave Winer, The Small Picture
Pete Cashmore, Why Google Reader Stats Are Bullshit
Stephen Downes, Technorati Meltdown
Amy Gahran, What Does Feedburner's Reach Really Mean?

Case Study Blog Posts
Tim Davies, Launching a Social Media Experiment With Metrics

Companies that Measure Social Media or Have Tools
Jeremiah Owyang, List of Companies

Nonprofits, Social Media and ROI
Beth Dunn, Half the Billboard

Social Return on Investment
Social ROI Blog