Nonprofit Social Media Metrics and ROI Resources

Measuring Online Engagement: A Beginning by Debra Askanase
Thinking About ROE by Debra Askanase

Understanding Social Media ROI in the Nonprofit space by Olivier Blanchard

ROI of Social Media from Care2/Froggy Loop - Heather Holman

Social Media Analytics and The Five Step Program by Gurav Mishra
Social media programs can operate at any of the four levels of Content, Collaboration, Community and Collective Intelligence, and each layer has a corresponding set of metrics, which need to be measured using a mix of onsite/ offsite web analytics, network/ influence analysis and semantic/ content analysis. The five step program is:

  • Plan
  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Engage Monitor

Slide show by Beth Harte that is informed by KD Paine

Draft Guide: Word of Mouth Marketing
The first draft of the guidebook looks at seven different types of metrics –

Advocacy: Measures the intent and/ or behavior of making recommendations using approaches offline surveys or online network and content analysis.

Conversation Share: Measures the volume and share of conversation using ongoing online buzz monitoring and offline syndicated research, and campaign specific custom research.

Cost Per Conversion: Measures the cost of getting one person
(prospect) to perform the desired action (purchase), after factoring in conversion value, conversion attribution and incremental conversions.

Conversational Reach: Measures the cumulative penetration of a brand message within a given target audience through conversations, by using a multi-generational approach.

The Influencer Factor: Identifies influencers and measure their word of mouth activities via self-report surveys, online buzz monitoring and sociometric network analysis.

Cost Deflection: Measures the decrease in R&D, time to market and customer support costs through customer feedback and peer-to-peer support.

Value of a Conversation: Measures how much a positive or negative conversation is worth to the brand’s bottom line by using customer lifetime value, WOM referral value and media mix models.