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The Social Media Metrics/ROI Game: Standardized metrics for measuring the ROI of social media strategies are a moving target. Many are discovering that traditional web analytics and metrics (like page view) are not appropriate. The current conversation is about the need for new metrics and methods for objective measurement. What metric(s) you select depends on your strategy map, tool selection, and context. Different metrics matter for different social meda makers for different reasons. This session is a conversation starter for participants to begin to identify the most important metric mapped with strategy. The session will provide a brief summary of the recent thinking on this topic by thought leaders in the field, but mostly provide an opportunity for participant thoughts on this important topic. Beth Kanter

Sandy took awesome notes of the key points


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Jeremiah Owyang says of the presentation slide deck:

Beth Kanter has a great presentation on slideshare on the topic of Social Media Measurement, we
had a brief strategy discussion at a meetup in Boston and she integrated part of it
in her presentation, I love how our industry works together to collectively grow, great job Beth.

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