Panel Planning Notes

Session Title: The Web 2.0 ROI: Are all these new tools really delivering value to the sector?

Session Description:
We hear about social networks and new media every time we turn around. Nonprofits are turning to these tools in exponential numbers. But are all these tools really helping us meet our missions? And what kind of value can you place on a Facebook friend anyway? In this session, we'll explore how you can measure the impact of your Web 2.0 endeavors and share some brief case studies on social media metrics and measurement.

Top Three Takeaways for Session

1. An overview of the issues and challenges in measuring social media strategies
2. Examples of how organizations are evaluating ROI
3. Tips for measuring the investment and impact in Web 2.0 tools

Session Outline: (sample follows)

1. Introduction (5 min)
  • What we're going to cover
  • What we're not going to cover - now how-to, assume basic level of knowledge
  • How we're going to approach this - add use of twitter
  • Quick audience survey

Really Open Introduction - (Danielle)
-How many get asked about ROI?
-How many never hear of or have used a social network, social bookmarking,
-How many people an organizational MySpace/Facebook
-How many people a personal Facebook
-How many friends?
-How many are using social bookmarking? (Stumble/Digg)
-Use formal ROI, informal, ROI return on icecream
-The level of difficulty collecting -How get asked by the ED's what the return? What's the value?
-How much money raised? - Myspace/Facebook - Justin

2. Social Media Metrics, Measurement and ROI Primer (10 minutes)
  • What do we mean by metrics, measurement, and ROI?

  • What are the challenges in measuring the success of social media?
    • A lot of intangibles, but they're important
    • No standardized metrics for social media (yet)
    • Not many tools to make it easy to extract data

  • What's important to keep in mind?
    • Learning is important
    • While numbers are critical, it isn't all about math
    • Need to collect qualitative data re: intangibles
    • Different ways to calculate
    • You may need to do small low risk pilot to figure out what can or cannot be measured for the ROI

3. Case Study Slam (each case study will be 5 minutes, with five minutes for questions) (60 minutes)

Six very brief case studies from nonprofits using social media. We will use the "Pecha-Kucha" (Petchaka) or "The Ask Later" talks are 5 minutes long. They use 20 powerpoint slides and each slide will be on the screen for 20 seconds. After each case study, the audience will get to ask a questions for 5 minutes.

Case Study
Learning: America's Giving Challenge using Facebook Causes
Small experiment, learned a lot
Using tools like technorati to monitor comments on blogs, flickr, and youtube
broad presence, with no campaign
Traffic: Using social bookmarking and social news sites to generate traffic
Issue Awareness/Content Generation: Dog Fighting UGC on Youtube or Wendy's Flickr Campaign

The case studies will describe:


-Strategy: Process

-End Result
-Key Metric and Why Important
-Measurement Tools/Process
-Data Collected
-Findings in a Nutshell

-Three Words of Wisdom

4. The Social Media ROI Calculator and Other Methods (10 minutes)
Justin Perkins

  • How to use the calculator

5. Conclusion (5 min)